Art Expressions

Art Expressions

Traditional Calligraphy

Participants will learn how to master the art of capitalised and small letters in the designated font style. The course also allows participants to improve their focus, hand-eye coordination and motor skills.


Introduction to Mediums

Art mediums taught: oil pastels, soft pastels, watercolors, relief colors, and acrylic paints. After this introductory course, participants would be able to choose a medium as their specialisation in subsequent courses.


Creative Workshops

For each session, participants can choose from glass painting, coffee painting, clay modelling, abstract art, acrylic painting, oil painting, oil pastel, sand art, zentangles, and mandalas. After every session, participants would have completed their art piece to take home.


Art Therapy

In each session, individuals are guided to realise and release suppressed thoughts and emotions – while still making a creative and visually aesthetic piece of art.


***Besides an individual’s own completed work, all other materials and equipment will be provided in class, and must remain in the centre.


About the teacher:

Kashmira Doshi is an acclaimed art teacher and reputable artist. Her paintings have been featured across international medias and exhibitions, including the Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2018. Many of her students have won art competitions under her guidance. Doshi is dedicated to inspire her students to Be Bright as artists and individuals.


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